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Luggage Blues…

Posted by Greg on June 14, 2008

Tom Petty summed it up best in his song, “…the waiting is the hardest part…”.   Continental airlines “misplaced” one of my three gear bags. Since I need the contents to outfit my kayak, each day the bag hasn’t arrived will result in a day’s delay. There is only one flight by that airline into St. John’s nightly.  The flight last night was cancelled.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the bag has been found and will be delivered tonight. That said, this is just a part of traveling that you have to take in stride…

Immigration interviewed me for quite some time when I landed Thursday night. Apparently the combination of a one-way ticket and staying 60+ days, spelled “trouble”. I was asked a number of interesting questions such as “what kind of work do you do that allows you to take 2 month vacations?  Where will you sleep and stay along the way?  Why are you travelling around the island?”  My unspecific answers, “I will paddle until I find a beautiful spot and then camp”, didn’t fit nicely into the safe, strict ininerary that the officer wanted to hear. Eventually, though the officer smiled and said “have a nice trip”.

Rain is pattering on the roof. Weather is foggy, wet and cool — but a welcome break from the heat of Florida.

Neil Burgess was gracious enough to drive me around town to obtain groceries, white gas, and other supplies.  We picked up the kayak that I will be using for the trip. The kayak has been modified by changing the rope-skeg mechanism to a wire-skeg, but the design looks bomproof and works smoothly. Malcolm Rowe had a lovely dinner for me and a few close friends last night. Many thanks for the warm welcome and hospitality! Also many thanks to Neil and Isabelle for hosting me in their home.

  1. René Seindal Said,

    Let’s hope it shows up. Here in Italy things just disappear, but of course, you’re in the civilised world so there’s hope still 🙂

    Good luck and have a good journey.


  2. CD1 Said,

    Greg–you are a very patient man. The temporarily misplaced luggage is a frustration that I have had in the past, but only for my Hawaiian shirts and suntan lotion, and only then for about 6 hours. I can relate to your concern about valuable and life-saving trip gear.

    You seem to have an inner calm. Something about you, wven when I met you and we spoke at Canoecopia 2007, made me aware of the “zen” side of you.

    I pray that your bag arrives safely, and that you are able to enjoy a gorgeous adventure.

  3. Roy Said,

    Good Luck Greg

    Best Wishes for a Safe and wounderous trip……..


  4. russell Said,

    Greg, good to see you and break bread and toast each others adventure. Sounds like yours is off to a standard start. Get the frustrations out of the way now so you can go and get in the flow of a multi week trip.
    Rock on brother!

  5. Doug Gilliland Said,

    Greg, sounds like one of the trips you and I had driving around Copper Harbor, Michigan looking for the hatch cover for my Nordkapp half an hour before the ferry was to take us over to Isle Royale. Hopefully your delay will be as minimal.
    Have a great and safe trip. Will check in to see how the paddling is progressing.