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Posted by Greg on June 16, 2008

Yesterday I paddled with KNL (kayak Newfoundland Labrador) on a daytrip to Cape Broyle harbour. It was good to get out, test my kayak, see some old friends and make some new. Cold, foggy and wet, but we were greeted by two Icebergs off the coast. The “Pro” felt great — surfs like a demon with a following sea, and a good fit (although I was squirming my toes a bit).

Fortunately my third gear bag arrived from Newark, and I was up past midnight outfitting the kayak (installing North Water cockpit bags and under the deck bag), etc.  Thanks to Neil and Isabelle for treating me to a feast of traditional seal flipper pie!

It’s raining now at 9:00am, and is forecast to rain for the next two days. I am expecting to get a late start on the water and make this an easy “shakedown” day, prior to “finding my groove” and getting up to full speed.

It seems that my cell phone — using the Roger’s network, won’t do me much good outside of a few major towns, but I am traveling with a satellite phone and will be sending daily updates. It’s fantastic to finally be setting off!

  1. Alison Dyer Said,

    all the very best Greg, look forward to seeing you again, on or off the water .

  2. Richard Hayes Said,

    Hope your circumnavigation is all you’ve dreamed it will be. There’s a lot of coastline ahead of you, many spectacular sights – just take it easy out there, and be safe. We’ll be following your progress when we can get internet access from Eastport.

  3. Bill McCarthy Said,

    Greg, Best Wishes ! For a trip with challenges and revelations for you to enjoy.
    I enjoy your pnet comments and know that kayak trippers and trippers on the sea of the mind will benefit from your efforts. ps My daughter is on mile 1100 of the 2100 mile
    Appalachian Trail, she was brilliant (a shining human, being, doing) before, and will be brillianter after. I don`t mean to compare the challenges, hopefully we all learn what we need. B!ll (no roll, but maybe closer with the GP hewn from a2x4 last winter, will try the extended sweep.)

  4. Glenn MacKay Said,

    All the best Greg, we’ll be following your exploits from sunny Nova Scotia. Stay safe.