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Posted by derrick on June 18, 2008

map 2

From Greg Today:

N 46 52.7 W52 56.1 Cappahayden. Early fog turned to sun. Seas much calmer. Huge iceberg in Renews Hbr. Enjoyed some “fizzing” 3,000 year old ice, originated as snow in Greenland, plucked from the water as I paddled. Camp on ridge overlooking sea.


56.1 Kilometers comes out to about 35 miles. So. . Here’s today’s trivia: Cappahayden is actually half of an amalgamated fishing village now called Renews-Cappahayden with a population of about 400 or so. If you Google “Cappahayden” you’ll find that Cappahayden dating websites come in at #5 & #10 in the search. And wouldn’t you know, Greg spent the night up on the ridge. . .

  1. Neil Burgess Said,

    Greg called me on the sat phone this morning. All is going well and he was looking forward to sunshine and warmer temperatures today. He has a great day to get around Cape Race, which is notorious for high winds and big seas. The location is also famous since the telegraph station at the lighthouse was the only land station to pick up the distress signal from the Titanic when it sank in April 1912.

    Happy adventures to Greg as he turns the corner and explores the south coast.