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a caribou, an artic hare, a moose, and a bison

Posted by derrick on June 25, 2008

Brunette Island, 20 km2, is situated at the mouth of Fortune Bay on Newfoundland’s Southern coast, 18 km South of Connaigre Head. Residents of the Island were relocated to the mainland in the late 1950s, and since then Brunette became a provincial wildlife reserve. Over the years the government has started experimental colonies of Caribou, Arctic Hare, Moose and . . . Bison. Apparently they all lived happily ever after. . well, other than the bison.

Greg arrived on Brunette Island under heavy fog and light rain. He fully guyed out his tent in anticipation of storms and winds up to F7 plus tomorrow. Sounds like a weather day. He reports that a whale spoutedd close to his kayak today. . . and that he’s looking forward to sleeping in. . . all cozy warm in his tent. . . curled up with a Caribou, an Arctic Hare, a Moose, and a Bison. . .


Read More about Brunette Island.

*top image by John Hill, 1971.

  1. Neil Burgess Said,

    A single, lonely male bison survived for at least 30 years on Brunette Island. It became something of a legend with Fortune Bay fishermen. Who knows, maybe it’ll visit Greg’s campsite in Mercers Cove.


  2. sriwijaya air Said,

    Awesome post.