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Spillars Cove

Posted by derrick on July 26, 2008


N48 39.6 W53 04.02 Spillars Cove. 85K. 14 hour crossing of Bonavista Bay. Calm & sunny. Surrounded by whales & dolphins for most of day.

  1. Alison Dyer Said,


    been out of touch on your progress for a few days… don’t know if you’ve crossed Trinity Bay or not… at Hant’s Harbour (my summer place), it’s blowing hard for 2 days so perhaps not.

    Terrific accomplishment, all KNL members in awe. Hope to see you again before you head off.

    best & paddle safe,


  2. Michael Bradley Said,

    HI Greg – Let me recommend a visit to Alison’s place just below Hant’s Harbour! Great people, great hospitality, especially after another one of your long crossings!
    Hi Alison – glad to hear you’ve met Greg. Great guy!

  3. hadas feldman Said,

    2 paddling days left..
    your trip went by so fast,
    i hope you have a new trip plan soon
    for us to folow from home…
    now you must plan a visit to here in israel,
    for some fun sufing first,
    and for some worm worm (hot) sun and water.
    ciao now

  4. Tom Sharp Said,

    Seems like anything less than 50 miles is a lazy day eh? Is Freya’s pace contagious or do you have a date in Florida? I can hardly wait for the book and your reflections throughout this journey around such a big rock.
    Cheers Tom
    PS Maligiaq is 2008 Qajaqman of the Year, and I hear he has some travel plans maybe….

  5. Alison Dyer Said,

    Hi Greg, Hi Michael,

    Yup, met Greg at KNL retreat year before last – bunch of us shared a cabin. We had fantastic clinics with Greg & Freya. Thanks for glowing report on the Hants Harbour hangout… hope more paddlers come by… I’ve been finding more caves and paddling with fin whales recently.

    Greg – understand there’s going to be quite the flotilla meeting you in St. John’s. We remain in awe.