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Chocolate Elvis….

Posted by Greg on July 18, 2009


Today I biked 32 miles, getting up early to beat the afternoon heat and the intense thunderstorms that define the sub-tropics of central Florida. My favorite trail winds around low rolling hills and orange groves and past huge oaks draped with beards of Spanish moss that sway in the hot breeze. Hidden among the hills are an amazing number of lakes.  Today’s ride was unremarkable, although I did have to swerve to miss a six-foot corn snake that was fully stretched across the path to absorb the intense heat.

Each year I have to become re acclimated to the heat of Florida.  It was really bad in past years when I returned from my circumnavigations of Iceland and Newfoundland, being adapted to much cooler weather,  to face the August Florida heat. In mid-summer it stays hot even at night, although the mornings and frequent rain showers provide some relief. The heat wraps around you and saturates you. It almost suffocates you.  When I finish a good paddle or ride, I can literally ring the sweat out of my clothes.

Thank God there’s Elvis to the rescue — a chocolate Elvis smoothie that is!  I was turned on to this concoction by Rod Price, one of my kayak/canoe race training buddies. I prepare one when I return from a paddle or ride.  The first sip is heaven, I let it roll around my mouth and parched throat. It’s cold, delicious and has become one of my favorite recovery drinks. I’m so addicted to these smoothies that I had to spread the world:

Chocolate Elvis Smoothie

  • 1 Tbsp Chocolate Syrup
  • 1 Tbsp Peanut Butter
  • 6 fl oz of milk (experiment with plain yogurt too)
  • 1 fresh Banana
  • 4-6 ice cubes


Combine all ingredients except for the ice in a blender and spin until smooth. Add the ice and blend again. Pour into your favorite 8 oz glass and enjoy!

Nutritional Info:

Fat 10.7g
Carbohydrates: 52.1g
Calories: 332.8
Protein: 11.8g 

So what has this got to do with Elvis? Elvis was a huge fan of fried “peanut butter and nanner” sandwiches. I think I’ll stick to the smoothie instead…

  1. Michael Said,

    Sounds yummy! I’ll have to get to work on a Newfoundland version, with berg ice in summer and a spot of rum on the foggy days like we’re enjoying today. Of course during the winter from August to June we’ll skip the ice and serve it hot!

    Cheers to ya!

  2. Greg Said,

    Michael, I think that a proper “Newfoundland Elvis” would require a good shot of screech, 2000 year old berg ice, and maybe a couple of cod tongues thrown in for good measure 😉