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New Iceland Gallery

Posted by Greg on January 31, 2010

I have created a new gallery album of images from Iceland. I am currently working to post the complete contents of my “Lost in Iceland” article , an account of my 2007 circumnavigation, that appeared in Sea Kayaker magazine. Please check back soon!


The “Horn” on a rare day without fog. Iceland 2007.

  1. Roy Martin Said,

    nice, Greg

    The Islendiugur now sits in a Museum where they are going to build/are building a Viking re-enactment villiage in Keflavik.

  2. Greg Said,

    Thanks Roy. I added a few additional images of the Islendigur for you to the album. I look forward to hearing about your latest travels to Iceland. I long to return too. It is an amazing place.

  3. Roy Martin Said,

    Thanks Greg

    the Islendigur was interesting to see where it use to sit….when You were there I was in traveling the ring road mostly and my daughter was living north of there. we visited the site last year and from what my daughter says the Islandigur is just moved a little toward the fjord and in a building they built for it….it’s actually a historical artifact rich display with English explainatory plaques. The building could be seen from my daughters house if not for a couple of other houses in the way……very interesting seeing these pictures . thank You Greg

    Best Wishes