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This Little Piggy… Vibram FiveFingers Gear Review

Posted by Greg on July 26, 2009



Vibram FiveFingers (KSO Model)
Greg’s Gear Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

I am often asked “backchannel” for gear reviews on the equipment that I use on both my expeditions and for everyday paddling trips. Please watch my blog for future reviews and send me email if you wish to see a particular item reviewed. I will indicate any conflicts of interest (sponsorships, etc) and do my best to provide an informative review.

The Good

  • Low volume fit is great for SOF kayaks and other tight boats.
  • Models with an instep strap stay “stuck” to your feet (even in thick muck).
  • Razor-cut soles offer excellent traction, even on wet surfaces.
  • Soles are thick enough for common hazards yet thin enough for dexterity (such as operating butterfly rudder controls)
  • Walking “barefoot” while in public feels sinfully good (you even leave a nice “barefoot” footprint).

The Bad

  • Sand is bad news. When walking in water, fine suspended sand can pack tightly around your toes and badly abrade your skin if not removed.
  • Due to the toe pockets you can’t use the shoes with any kind of drysuit that features integral socks.