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force 5

Posted by derrick on June 23, 2008


After a rest day Greg jumped right back into the fray.  He battled intense F5 plus headwinds and for most of the day made only 1 to 2 kts.  The constant cold winds caused both his contact lenses to dry out at the same time and roll behind his eyelids.  He had to switch back to glasses (which can really suck on the water). Through the day the wind and fog would sweep rapidly over and then plummet down the mountain peaks which Greg said was amazing to see.  The wind died around 5pm.  By the end of the day he made a camp in a small cover near Sauker Hd by a small stream. For the day he managed 33 km.


– if you look really closely, you can see Greg skinny dipping in the fridged stream. . . . (N46 54.5 W55 17.9)

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