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dark glimpses of land

Posted by derrick on June 24, 2008

From Greg – heavy, dense fog. Only dark glimpses of land. Light winds. Saw a small whale! Paddled late into the night due to the lack of landing spots. Covered 57k.


  1. Neil Burgess Said,

    Greg woke up this morning only 20 kilometres from France … or the French islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon, to be exact. Let’s see if the lure of good food and cheap wine are strong enough to induce a detour?! Otherwise, he’s turning the corner into Fortune Bay today and the southwest coast of Newfoundland. This section of coast is the most spectacular part of the island with huge sea cliffs and deep fiords. It is also notorious for fog and rough seas around big headlands.

    Luckily, he’s off to a good start with moderate SE winds at his back today. But tomorrow looks like strong W winds.

    Greg, lache pas la patate! (Literally: don’t let go of the potato. It means don’t give up when the going gets tough.)


  2. Randa Said,

    What an incredible trip! 18 hours in a kayak? Wow. I’m enjoying following your progress. Enjoy & stay safe. Proud to know a man who is really alive. ~ Randa