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Posted by derrick on July 24, 2008


N49 33.55 W54 14.95 Western Indian Island (near Fogo). 50K. Beautiful warm sunny day (very hot in drysuit). Change Islands & Fogo area is a beautiful archipelago. Curious marine patrol boat intercepted me and came alongside. They said that they simply couldn’t figure out what kind of craft they were viewing from the distance. The officers were polite, we chatted, and they took a pic before they went off.  They were out to monitor the recreational cod fishery that opened today. It seems that everyone who owned a boat was out today for their hand at jigging cod.

I thought that I was about to strike a pink-colored shoal when I discovered that I had entered a cloud of jellyfish. Literally millions of them! Dipped the camera underwater for some images and hope that they turned out.

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