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Gothenburg, Sweden

Posted by Greg on October 27, 2008

I am currently teaching Greenland kayaking skills in Gothenburg, Sweden, care of Johan and Sara Wagner of Escape Kajakcenter.  Classes will run until November 2 — if you are in the area, please stop by to say hello!

To date I have given lectures of my Newfoundland and Iceland circumnavigations and have been working with students to help perfect their forward stroke, bracing, directional strokes and other skills with a Greenland paddle. The weather has been cool and breezy. Today Johan and I crossed to Nidingen Island (a bird sanctuary off the coast with Denmark barely visible in the distance).  During the 25K paddle we experienced F5-6 headwinds, sun, rain, hail and our own private lunch table high atop the lighthouse. The return trip was fast and fun with strong following seas.

In addition to kayaking I will be visiting some of the local museums and look forward to viewing both historical kayaks as well as old Norse and Viking boats.  Tackar så mycket Sara and Johan for your fine hospitality!

Please view my photo gallery from Sweden.

  1. Peter Nelly Said,

    Thank you very much for a great course Greg! Lots of tips to work on in my way to become as good a kayaker as I can get.
    Have a good one til next time!

    “The vanilla paddler”

  2. Greg Said,

    Peter, thanks for your comments. I enjoyed meeting you and being part of your circle of friends in Sweden! I look forward to visiting Sweden again.

  3. cooldoctor1 Said,

    Wow, Greg, you have really made some true accomplishments in 2007-2008. Kudos to you and your great photographs. NOw that Justine has completed TITS 4, she might have some free time to do an instructional video with you on Greenland kayaking and technique. As well as some of the native Greenland expedition advice and experiences you have had, it’s be a crack DVD– a must have DVD–for all of us landlocked sea kayakers. Just a nudge, given that it’s the New Year and all. Happy paddling. CD1 in Illinois.

  4. Greg Said,

    Cooldoctor, Happy Holidays and thanks for the comment! I recently paddling amongst alligators and manatees with Justine and Berry when they were in Florida last month. We didn’t talk about a Greenland kayaking CD, but I will certainly consider it!

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  6. Rizal Said,

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