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Jetlagged (and loving it)….

Posted by Greg on October 27, 2009

Newfoundland in June 09
Greg surfing John Petersen’s Baidarka in San Simeon California during the TAKS symosium. Photo by John Petersen. Click on image to view full-size.

I’m not sure if I love kayaking because it is a form of travel or that I love traveling because I always mix it with kayaking. Both kayaking and traveling are a form of freedom. But (Mae West’s views notwithstanding), you CAN have too much of a good thing. To me travel is best when complemented by adequate time to enjoy home, friends and family.

I’m off today for Israel (Optimist Sea Kayaking Symposium), my gear barely dry after rinsing off the Pacific salt from California. And California was on the heels of adventures in Japan, Delaware, Michigan and Newfoundland. After Israel I will visit Sweden and then will finally have time to work off the jetlag, relax and relfect.

I’m certainly not complaining. I love virtually everything about travel. My worn, dog-eared passport is down to the last two pages for stamps.  I inherited my Grandfather’s wanderlust. My Grandfather was born in Hamburg, Germany and found his calling as a missionary who traveled the world. As a boy I sat on his lap spellbound as we leafed through his meticulous photo albums and he spun tale after tale. My imagination was fired by pictures of him in exotic places, such as on camel back by the Sphinx, with headhunters in the jungles of Borneo, in Europe and more, always with my father and uncle alongside (who were just lads at the time).

In Israel I’m looking forward to visiting the same sites in Jerusalem that my Grandfather and father spoke of, and photographed. Once home I’ll shake off the last bit of jetlag and share some adventures and images with you, of the past two months.

OK, gotta run to the airport!

  1. Roy Martin Said,

    Have a safe journey Greg.

    The world needs Greenland Paddling coaches…travel far …and frequent (looks like you are)

    Best Wishes

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