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Posted by Greg on January 21, 2012

Welcome to the Q&A Page!

I’m happy to help answer your questions ranging from Greenland-style technique, making Greenland paddles, wing technique, Watertribe / ultra-distance kayak racing, kayak expeditions, kayak camping, surf kayaking and more.

I look forward to your questions!  If you prefer for your question not to appear on my blog, please let me know and I’ll answer privately.

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My Garmin GPS doesn’t show the name of any islands!?

Q: Hi Greg, I have a new GPSMap78 GPS and it is not showing the names of any islands. I have contacted Garmin Support and they are telling me that I need a TOPO map or additional maps.  Please help!

A:  I have seen some late Garmin GPS units using Bluecharts come configured by default, where oddly, you do not see the names of any islands. For example, you will see the the details and outline of islands on your screen but you will have no clue what they are named. I’ve had a few people ask me about this.

As you say, calls to Garmin Support often result in incorrect information that you need to load additional maps, topo maps, that Bluechart doesn’t support, etc.

Oddly my older Garmin GPSMap units don’t have this issue. Fortunately this is an easy configuration change to fix:

Go to the map screen. Click on Menu -> Setup Map -> Advanced Map Setup -> Text Size ( on some Garmin productions this will show as Menu -> Map Setup -> Advanced Setup -> Text Size ).

Map Points needs to be changed from None. I choose “Small”.

Greenland Kayak and Weathercocking

Q: Hi Greg,
I use both Greenland style kayak (hard chine,low deck, low volume) and Brit style kayak (round chine, generous freeboard). What I get frustrated about Greenland style boat is that it is really hard to keep it tracking straight in a [rear quartering]  sea. I have no problem with my Brit boat even without using skeg (yet), but with my Greenland style boat, I have to really work on corrective strokes and it slows me down. Is it just the nature of this kind of kayak? Or is there any technique that I can use to make it easier? I don’t see any article about Greenland style technique regarding to that subject (boat handling in wind) except extended strokes. It is hard for me to think they (the Greenlanders) did not have that kind of technique to pass on when they had to use the kayak which is very very sensitive to what the water does to it. So far I am learning to adapt Brits technique to use with Greenland style gears just because I can’t find anything from “Greenland side”. Thanks! Setsuko

A: Hello Setsuko,

ONNO Foot Bar for NDK Greenlander Pro

Q: Can I mount an ONNO foot bar in my NDK Greenlander pro?
Is there enough room for the knees to bring my feet into a centered position?– J P Meyenberg

A: JP, I have an ONNO carbon foot bar (foot plate) mounted in my NDK Greenlander Pro and love it.  For those who aren’t familiar with it, the ONNO foot bar is a very lightweight, wide carbon plate that mounts to your existing Yakima pedals (stock installation is with screws).  The hardware is provided to modify your current Yakima aluminum rails so that they are parallel so that the solid foot plate can be adjusted fore/aft without binding.

I have size 10 feet and have just enough room to bring feet and knees to a centered position in the keyhole cockpit.  There isn’t a lot of clearance,  my knees can fit only when they are very close together, about an inch apart. For more clearance you could modify the thigh hooks (grind them away a bit).  In this centered, racing-style position, I can generate more torso-rotation than in the “splayed-out” position.