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Snap Dragon

Posted by Greg on March 18, 2008

Rich from Snap Dragon graciously provides me with selected gear.

While I’m a fan of Greenland-gear, tuiliks and tuiitsoqs for skinboats, for hardshells, I have used Snap Dragon skirts for years, starting with my 18 year-old Anas Acuta, and haven’t had one to fail me yet!

The skirt that I use most often is the Ocean Tour EXP Reinforced skirt; very dry and robust enough for tackling heavy surf zones. I used this skirt for paddling around Iceland where the skirt withstood the severe dumping surf of the South Coast.

For Newfoundland, where the surf was not as severe, I used the Glacier EXP Breathable Reinforced skirt. On very long trips where many miles are covered daily, the breathable body and adjustable top tube provides additional comfort. I am prone to skin problems at my waist where so many fabric layers press together, including the drysuit and skirt. Being able to adjust the skirt top tube prevented any skin discomfort on my Newfoundland circumnavigation.

To keep critters out of my kayaks and to keep the interior free from grit, I use the nylon series cockpit covers.