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Sea Kayaking UK — NDK Kayaks

Posted by Greg on March 18, 2008

I am an NDK sponsored paddler . What this means is that Nigel Dennis and Sea Kayaking UK furnishes me with kayaks to use for expeditions. For Iceland and Newfoundland, I didn’t keep the kayak, but returned it after the trip was completed.

For my 2007 Iceland circumnavigation I used an Explorer. Although this kayak is slightly too wide for me, I found the speed to be good and the carrying capacity, stability and seaworthiness to be excellent. We were paddling headland to headland in Iceland while carrying provisions for 3 weeks at a time. Headlands tend to focus and amplify the power of waves and I was impressed by the way that this kayak handled such conditions with ease.

For my 2008 solo circumnavigation of Newfoundland (1,700 miles)  I used a Greenlander Pro. Given my traditional leanings, I’m partial to hard-chined kayaks. Although the Greenlander Pro has slightly less volume for carrying gear, and requires a bit more skill to handle in rough, confused seas, the kayak is a better fit for me. I found it faster than the Explorer when unladen and about the same when loaded to the gills.

For kayaking in my home waters I use a Greenlander Pro. It’s fast for a touring design and loves to surf.

Many thanks to Nigel Dennis for his assistance and sponsorship!