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Posted by Greg on April 15, 2008


I have used Aquapac products for many years to protect my electronics. These bags allow you to use youraquapac bag device through the bag, and the closures are fast and sure. They are excellent insurance. For example on my Iceland trip, I bagged my M88 radio and my trip partner did not. By the end of the trip her radio had suffered corrosion inside the battery compartment and salt crystals had begun to affect the keys and switches, while my radio was still in new condition, despite daily use. On an expedition, with so many tasks to do, you probably won’t find the time to rinse each piece of gear daily as you would on a day-trip, and these bags can significantly increase the life of even submersible gear.

In very hot and humid environments, such as Florida, I keep silica gel inside each bag to absorb moisture, and in some cases limit the amount of exposure to direct sunlight or splash the bag occasionally to keep the contents cool. The danger is that if the air inside the bag gets steaming hot then apart from overheating the device, moisture may vaporize and potentially cause damage. I have never had this happen, but always take steps to prevent it. This is usually only an issue for bags that are stored flat on deck and soak up maximum sunshine.

Prior to using any storage case, I test it first. These cases are tough and tend to take a beating on expeditions. I have had only one case fail when the weld developed a pinhole leak. I carefully inspect all cases after a major trip and replace any that are worn. Recently Aquapac relaunched their entire range of cases in a 100% PVC-Free material. I will give this material a solid test in Newfoundland. The new material is reported to be better for the environment and also better for use in cold climates; the material is rated as fully functional down to at least -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Aquapac is supporting my Newfoundland Expedition by providing the following items:

  • Medium Classic GPS (code 124). This is for my Garmin GPSMap76Cx GPS
  • Small VHF classic (code 224). This is for my Icom M88 VHF radio.
  • Jumbo Whanganui (code 674). This will protect my Solio Solar Charger that will charge on deck as I travel.
  • Jumbo Whanganui (code 674). Used as map case on foredeck to protect my charts.
  • Mini Phone Case (code 104). This will protect my cell phone (Blackberry Pearl).
  • Large Point and Shoot Bag (code 445). This will enable me to use my digital Canon Powershot G3 on the water.