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Posted by Greg on March 18, 2008

Sponsorship is a double-edged sword. Back in my corporate days I avoided sponsorship for the sake of simplicity and lack of “strings”, but I learned that it’s easy to be smug when you have a large disposable income. I wasn’t originally looking to obtain a long list of sponsors, but I have found that the support of sponsors is vital in order for me to pursue long kayaking journeys.

A kayak vagabond must be creative. Sponsorship, if done with an absence of hubris and in the spirit of cooperation, can be a “win-win” solution. While some people do view sponsorships as a popularity contest or a way just to collect a pile of “free ambien uk kit”, I accept sponsorship only from manufacturers whose products I already respect, use and believe in. Likewise, my agreement with my sponsors is that I won’t pull any punches when reviewing sponsored gear and seek to provide input for future improvements. Hard use and critical reviews helps to build better products.

Clicking on a logo below will take you to a page for that sponsor where my gear is described. Do you have a question about any of the gear? I welcome your comments and questions.

I wish to extend my sincere thanks to the sponsors listed below for their help and support. Their support makes my trips possible!

Chota Outdoor Gear

Hilleberg Tents

Kokatat WaterSports Wear

North Water Paddle Sports Equipment

Outdoor Research Logo

Sea Kayaking UK (NDK Kayaks)

Snap Dragon


Superior Kayaks

TravelCountry Wilderness Outfitter