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Posted by Greg on June 12, 2008

Bags are packed, I fly out of Orlando this morning, and will arrive in St. John’s Newfoundland just before midnight. Many thanks to Neil Burgess and Isabelle for hosting me in St. John’s! The new luggage fees are making these trips more expensive. One bag is free, the second is $25.00 and the third is $100.00. Ouch! I didn’t want to risk shipping items by ground and having duty charged, or worse, the items held in customs.

It will take two days to outfit my kayak and purchase some food and other items that was not practical to carry on the plane. If preparations and weather cooperates, I will be on the water next Sunday! The waiting is difficult — I want to be out there!

  1. Michael Bradley Said,

    Best of luck with everything, including weather, winds etc! I know the people will treat ya just fine as they always do!