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Crossed St. Mary’s Bay

Posted by derrick on June 20, 2008

(Point Lance)

Yesterday Greg Crossed St. Mary’s Bay coping with strong currents and quarting winds the whole way.  He is now staying in Point Lance (population 119), under the care of Orinda & Jerry.   N46 48.7 W54 05.1 –  53K day.

map 4

St. Mary’s Bay is about 25 miles wide and 36 miles deep and lined with many small communities. For a bit of history about life on the bay read:

Branch, St. Mary’s Bay in pre-confederation Newfoundland

History of St. Mary’s

Message from Greg:  I was greeted by Benedictine on an ATV as I sorted my gear. The residents remember Freya and I landing in the town last year to use the phone at “Bennie’s” house. Many thanks to Jerry and Orinda for their hospitality!  Not only did they give me a fine dinner, a warm bed,  and breakfast but Jerry drove into town to purchase some marine caulk to use for kayak repairs. Jerry refused any payment and I will never forget their kindness.

  1. Neil Burgess Said,

    It will be interesting to see what Greg does in Placentia Bay. He was debating about a straight crossing west from Cape St. Mary’s or heading north into the Bay and crossing just south of the islands. He’s got moderate ESE winds at his back today, so it’ll be interesting to see what he decides to do today.

    All the best, Greg!!!!