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Crossed Placentia Bay

Posted by derrick on June 21, 2008


Placentia Bay is about 50 miles wide stretches inland about 80 miles. We had wondered how Greg would approach it.  Now we know.  We received a late message; “N47 05.5 W055 06.3 Crossed Placentia Bay 18 hours in kayak. Will take a rest day.”  A rest day?  I’m not surprised! 18 hours across open water is an incredible achievement for any paddler. We’re all pretty impressed around here, and of course happy Greg made it across without incedent.  Neil Burgess shares this; “No one has ever crossed Placentia Bay from Cape St. Mary’s to the Burin Peninsula before in a kayak!”

  1. Stephen Fullerton Said,

    As a 10 year veteran multi-sport and over 120 races, I’ll never say triathletes aren’t tough. But I am tipping my hat to Greg and he is in my prayers and I have faith that he will be safe and successful in this incredible expedition.

    Good Luck Greg!!

  2. Glenn MacKay Said,

    Cape St. Mary’s to the Burin!!
    My hat’s off too.
    Well done, stay safe Greg.

  3. hadas feldman Said,

    well done on that crossing, 18 hours is a long long long time to be peeing in your kayak, hhh.