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Final Trip Stats

Posted by Greg on July 30, 2008

Following are my trip statistics. I’ll also put a gear list together, along with a list of what gear worked and what gear didn’t make the grade.

Total distance paddled: 2102K (1306 miles)
Daily average: 60.05K (37.3 miles)
Longest day: 93K (57.8 miles)
Shortest day (aborted crossing of Trinity Bay): 27K (16.7 miles)
Total days: 44
Paddling days: 35
Weather/Rest days: 9

Many hundreds of whales, dolphins and blowspouts! Two sharks and two sunfish. And of course, and most important, too many life-changing memories to list…

  1. Dominique Said,

    Hi Greg, congratulations… After 1 1/2 month on their fishing grounds, what about the people, especially those living in remote outposts? They have a reputation for being a very welcoming bunch…

  2. Jeff Fabiszewski Said,

    Well done on the Newfoundland expedition, you probably have lots of material for writing a book. And I would read it “in a van down by the river.” LOL.

  3. Michael Bradley Said,

    Awesome Greg! I hope you can put together another slide show as good as the Iceland one once your paddle cools down! You could call the presentation ‘Blazing Paddles’! I’ll try and get a front row seat at Delmarva this year. Congrats!

  4. Stevie Said,

    Congratultions. In addition to the obvious trip reports, I’ll bet you have some pretty thorough gear reviews:-)

  5. Ken and Mariam Said,


    We’ve been following your trip. Good to see you made it safe. As for your life changing memories, we thought you were fine before.
    We can’t wait to hear the details of your trip. Have a good trip back home.