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Escape Outdoors; Gothenburg, Sweden – Preparations

Posted by Greg on November 14, 2009

Sweden is a beautiful place to paddle. The archipelago delivers a fantastic assortment of islands to camp on, and explore. Being accustomed to the heat of Florida, and recently Israel, I got my first taste of “Winter” for the year.  We were greeted with light snow flurries, wind and cold temperatures as I helped Johan and Peter of Escape Outdoors prepare for the weekend classes (wing and Greenland instruction). This is perfect drysuit weather.  Our first task was to collect supplies and erect a tipi on a nearby island. Complete with a woodstove and furs on the floor, this is a an ideal warming shelter and provides room for eight or more. The tipi will be used for lunch and dinner. With the woodstove burning it is toasty warm inside. Luxury!


In the evening Johan and I donned protective suits, climbing helmets and headlamps to explore a local cave.  From the opening chamber the cave transformed into a serpentine maze of very tight tunnels. Some of the constrictions looked much too small for an adult to get through. “Are you sure we can fit through there”?




If you are in the Gothenburg area, please drop by. I look forward to meeting you!

  1. Laura Ventura Said,


    …looking forward to reading and seeing images from your most recent adventures in Israel and Sweden. I have a friend who recently did have an incident while cave exploring in tight places. It took two other men to pull him out to safety. Fortunately he only lost a few ribs but certainly not his sense of humor….in his words, “It was like pulling a london broil steak through a garden hose!”

    You have sparked my travel bug….this will be my year to experience kayak adventures in distant places from the Chesapeake Bay! Safe journeys.


  2. Greg Stamer Said,


    Good to hear from you. I love travel as long as I have a “nest” to come home to. I found that if I wander too long without roots that eventually I feel a bit like a drifting “tumbleweed”. As always, the key is to find a good balance.

    While here I have been caving and skating. I always like to try something new — it’s healthy for the ego to be not only accomplished at some things but also a clumsy beginner at others!

    Enjoy your journeys! I look forward to hearing about them.

  3. Thariq Said,

    Sorry LOL! It’s taken me that long to figure out which dozen of my 40 or so shots to use! I’d weed out a few more each day. ;-p But I’m so glad you loved them.